Do high heels cause foot problems?

Do high heels cause foot problems? is another question that we’re commonly asked in our clinic. And whilst our answer might not surprise you, we think it’s important to help our patients understand how they can make better choices in their footwear, thus preventing foot problems in the future.

Most podiatrists advise patients against wearing high heels, but of course, we know that heels are always going to be a popular choice. Not only do they look fabulous for evenings out, but they can also make us feel much more confident, and walk taller (quite literally).

First of all let’s answer the question: do high heels cause foot problems? 

There are foot problems associated with the wearing of high heels. From: ankle sprains, calluses, corns, and bunions, to hammertoes, and even ingrown toenails. These conditions can all be caused directly by, or worsened, by the wearing of high heels.  

So, how can you wear those fabulous heels but take care of your feet, too? Let’s discuss a few tips to help you choose the best fit.

Consider heel size

Heel size plays a huge part on how your weight is distributed. Thicker heels will always be a better option than a stiletto heel, for example. This covers more surface area, distributing the weight more evenly across the feet. 

Do high heels cause foot problems?

Choose the correct shoe size

Many people tend to choose heels that are too small for their feet. This is a huge no-no when it comes to selecting heels that are more comfortable and safer for your feet. Having your feet properly measured is the best way to ensure a good fit. Instead of sizing down when you feel your heel slipping out of the back of your shoes, look towards inserts instead.  

Ask your Chiropodist about inserts

Inserts can really help to make your shoes fit beautifully. From cushioning the foot to providing extra support – they’re a handy modification to make your heels fit better and feel much more comfortable. From tongue pads to full foot inserts, your chiropodist will be able to advise you on the best fit for you.

But our top tip? Limit your heel wearing for those special occasions, and make sure to give your feet a little TLC in between.

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