Give your feet a little TLC this autumn with our Prende Pedicure

Give your feet a little TLC this autumn with our Prende Pedicure

We can hardly believe that we’ve hit the season of autumn once again! The time for pumpkin spice, cosy evenings at home, and of course, long walks through the crunchy golden leaves. It’s also the time where we start  bundling our feet into those cosy socks and chunky boots to keep them toasty for the cooler weather. So, to keep your feet feeling happy and in top shape this season, why not treat your feet to a little TLC with our Prende Pedicure? The ultimate smoothing and soothing treatment.

What is Prende Pedicure Warm Wax Therapy?

The Prende Pedicure is a therapeutic treatment to smooth the feet and relieve those bothersome aches and pains.

The comforting warm wax therapy increases your blood-flow and tolerance for pain. Additionally, it relaxes your muscles and increases hydration to your skin, whilst providing a therapeutic and healing effect for those sore and aching joints.

Who can have Prende Pedicure Warm Wax Therapy?

It’s a soothing, relaxing treatment for anybody. But it’s particularly beneficial for patients suffering from arthritis and rheumatic pain. The soothing heat helps skin to feel amazing and look healthier, too. So whether you’re booking for yourself or treating a loved one, we know you’ll love the experience and the results. 

How much does it cost?

Treatments start from £30, or £25 if taken in conjunction with a chiropody treatment

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