Keeping your feet healthy during pregnancy

Keeping your feet healthy during pregnancy

Keeping your feet healthy during pregnancy can be a breeze – in today’s post, we’ll tell you how. 

Expecting a baby anytime soon? If so, congratulations! Pregnancy is a weird and wonderful journey. Your body is going through many changes, and everybody has their own unique experience throughout. But one thing that most people have in common at some point during pregnancy is this: aches and pains in their feet. 

Is foot pain normal when you’re pregnant?

In short, yes. The sudden weight gain can increase pressure on your ligaments around your feet and ankles, which can then lead to pain in the arches of your feet. Other common spots for aches and pains are your calves which can suffer with cramps, your lower back and pelvis.

During pregnancy, your ligaments become much more flexible to help your body prepare for birth. Because of this, you will sometimes feel increased discomfort.

Keeping your feet healthy during pregnancy

Treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure

Is there anything nicer than a relaxing pedicure and a soothing foot massage? Whether you ask your partner to treat you to an at-home spa experience (after all, it’s hard to reach your own feet when you’re pregnant), or visit us in the clinic, we’ll have you feeling like you’re walking on air in no time. 

Check your feet for corns or calluses, and treat them accordingly

The extra weight that comes along with pregnancy naturally causes more pressure on your feet. This in turn can lead to calluses and corns which you might not normally suffer with. Keeping your feet healthy during pregnancy by checking them regularly will help you to spot any niggles that might be causing you discomfort. Spotted a callus or corn? Although using foot files and a nourishing moisturiser can be helpful, we recommend having them removed professionally for comfort and relief. 

Wear comfortable footwear

Supportive, cushioned footwear is a must – especially during pregnancy. If you’re struggling with swollen feet and need to wear open shoes, make sure to find a good pair with arch support. If in doubt, ask your podiatrist for their recommendations on comfy, supportive shoes to wear during pegnancy.

Keep up with maintenance podiatry appointments 

Having a regular maintenance appointment is a great way to keep your feet happy and healthy. Seeing a professional podiatrist as part of your routine means that you’ll be able to keep on top of any issues (like corns or ingrown toenails), and feel as comfortable as possible. 

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