Foot care tips for runners this summer

Foot care tips for runners

Avid runner or just starting out? Our foot care tips for runners will help you to keep your feel healthy and happy this summer, no matter how many miles you clock up!

Choose the right footwear

One of the biggest foot care tips for runners is to choose the right footwear. As obvious as it sounds, many people end up choosing footwear that doesn’t offer the support needed. There are many types of trainers for running: from trainers designed for seasoned long-distance runners, to trainers for different terrains. Make sure you choose a pair that are designed for your needs, and that give support to your foot, along with adequate cushioning. 

Wear the correct socks

Most people think 100% cotton socks are a great option. But they actually retain moisture and don’t provide any insulation. Choose a pair of specialist socks for running (available at most good sports stores) which are breathable and cushioned for comfort and support. Don’t forget to clean and dry your feet after your run, and always wear fresh, clean socks. 

Keep your toenails short

Avoid injuries and infections from the rubbing of long nails. Just ensure you cut your toenails properly using our handy guide here, to ensure you avoid ingrown toenails. 

Massage and moisturise daily

Soothe away any aches with a daily massage with your favourite moisturiser. Keeping your skin soft and supple helps to keep it at its healthiest. Struggling with foot pain after running? Speak to your podiatrist who will able to help diagnose and recommend a treatment for you to relieve any pain.

Treat your blisters gently

The most tempting thing to do is to pop those blisters, isn’t it? But by doing so, you’re prolonging the healing process, and leaving yourself open to infections. Instead, gently cleanse your blisters before adding a little Savlon. If your blisters are bothering you, add a clean, dry dressing to protect the area and relieve any pain.

Now you’re armed with our top tips, it’s time to go enjoy your run!

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