Taking care of baby's feet

Taking care of baby’s feet

Taking care of baby’s feet can feel like a daunting task. After all, our babies can’t tell us if they’re feeling pain or discomfort with their feet at such a young age. So what can you do to ensure baby’s feet are healthy, happy and well cared for?

Check baby’s feet for any signs of trauma

Once your baby begins to move around on their own, there is more potential for them to cause injury to their feet. From stepping on a toy by accident, (parents, you’ll know how painful this is if you’ve ever stepped on lego!) to a seemingly simple trip, there are many things that can cause injury or discomfort. Keeping a check on baby’s feet regularly will help you to spot any signs of injury. If in doubt, see your local podiatrist who will be able to give you advice. 

Taking care of baby's feet

Let baby go barefoot (or in socks)

Baby’s feet are rapidly developing as they continue to grow. During these stages, it’s important that their feet aren’t restricted on the movement and space they need to develop. Allowing baby to go barefoot until they’re ready to walk around outside will also help to improve their range of motion. 

Wash and dry baby’s feet thoroughly

Moist feet are a welcome environment for bacterial infections and cracked skin. So washing and drying baby’s feet properly is really important to ensure they stay happy and healthy. 

Keep baby’s toenails trimmed

Sharp, overgrown toenails can damage the delicate skin around baby’s nails. Trimming their toenails regularly will ensure this doesn’t happen. However, there is a ‘right way’ to cut toenails. Ensure you cut them straight across (don’t follow the natural curve of the nail as this can cause ingrown toenails), and don’t cut them too short.

Measure baby’s feet regularly

Baby’s feet are rapidly growing at this age. So once they’re ready for shoes, it’s important to regularly check on their measurements. 

Remember, if in doubt, call your local podiatrist who will be able to advise you on taking care of baby’s feet.

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